The South Rises and Hip Hop Listens


It has always been clear that the South has had a foot in Hip Hop culture. The earliest descendent roots are from the southern culture, ultimately these ancestors created blues and jazz.

They would eventually leave the southern areas and reside in Los Angeles, Chicago and of course New York City to receive the seed that would become the building blocks for Hip Hop. However, in the beginning New York City Emcees were the ones with the most shine because this is where the culture was born. Soon, the west coast had the hot hand and the musical influence would continue to reign for years. The southern style Emcee’s have always added flair to the Hip Hop music but received very little recognition for it contributions. Legends like 2 Live Crew, The Ghetto Boys and Scarface plugged the world into the original sounds that move us all. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the southern style of Hip Hop made a comeback and made sure to never let the momentum die again. Groups like Outcast and Goodie Mob showed musicianship in their production. The first experience like No Limit not only had a camp of artist but seem like they were putting out new albums every day. The group Beats by the Pound made sure to keep their signature sound which exposed the culture to a different cadence, style and rhyme. Soon, a young Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records would continue the momentum with chart topper after chart topper!
Fast forward
As the South comes to ten year dominance, they continue to dominate on sound and current popular music. Their style of Hip Hop has adapted in every section. The sounds resonates the current hip-hop culture of the South. The South at one time was looking for their day in the spotlight. The culture has since achieved their goal and never relinquished their title reign.

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