The Rewarded Lifestyle


As successful Hip Hop business began to develop, Hip Hoppers emerged from success with impeccable style. For many artists sorta speak had rages to riches background. They took the look of a street lifestyle and refined it with an elegant outcome for Hip Hop! Often displaying,

their luxurious homes with a costal views and the toy’s that go along with their fortunate include land, air and sea!
Early Hip Hoppers lifestyle was often looking fresh either one a week or a monthly deal! They would go out looking as fresh or fly as they could to local events. The rest of the week they would just tried to get by. Often the event for the weekend would be the only time you displayed you’re freshest gear. Designers from brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and others where always sought out. These designers where consider high demand, if you had them. The most recent luxury car or most glamorous home where often desired. Grandmaster Flash song “The Message” talked about broken glass and pissing in the hallway stairs. The song “Rapper’s delight” by The Sugarhill Gang talked about a large screen TV to watch the Knicks and the wanted luxury of life for him! Both artists giving you a vision of what the Hip hop dream was for most but wanted by many as well!
Fast forward with new found success; Hip Hoppers started showcasing their lavishing homes. The channel MTV even had 30 minutes dedicated show to the customization lifestyle of the rich and famous! A dream comes true with custom cars, seeing the wonders from around the world, and beaches with different color sand. All while archiving the lifestyle through music video. The image gave aspirations to others who were up and coming Hip Hoppers and many more enter the pursuit. When business made itself available, the true Hip Hop financial dream! If you had worked hard enough you could get a taste of this lovely reward!

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