The Radio Debut


Before pre-internet era, the radio was the best way to debut a song! Records would become instant classic as soon as the DJ dropped the needle to the records with the sound waves instantly hitting the drum of the ear. Marley Marl song “The Symphony”

would be heard by everyone and at the same time making heads bob unanimously in unison! The song “Eric B for President” premiered on the streets of New York and the song burned like wildfire throughout the boroughs on the radio waves. They continued to push their frequency state after state and across the ocean. The radio debut often was the teaser to the whole album. Songs would be released and if the music was a classic you knew in instant. The Ready to Die album was played in its entirety, creating such buzz that it catapult the album as a must have! The radio debut gathered the Hip Hop community at one singular point. The ability for the community to be connected at one time on one frequency and one group. You can actually listen to history of the culture being designed one debut at a time! It’s was corner talk! Did you hear that new song on the basketball court? You could hear the songs blaring throughout the neighborhoods. The debut albums could stop time as a person absorbs what they were listening to!

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