The Radio Circuit


You just wrapped up the recording of your newest project! The epic production of the recording project is crisp and all the art work blends together for a wonderful experience. The project is now complete and ready for distribution to the public but just one thing would help with the overall exposure of the total project. The next things to do is tour as many cities as possible and if you have any connection in these cities,

make sure you’re able to stop by your local radio station to let them know about your tour and about the newly released album you just completed. A national radio interview can blast you across the airwaves in every cars, homes and businesses. This is not only beneficial for exposure but you also have the ability to touch a larger fan base that might not have known that you had a project completed.
The radio circuit also will give you the ability to go from town to town and station to station to recruit new people with the help of the interviews. Radio stations have a core fan base and this will plug you into their immediate core audience. Most stations are globally syndicated now and with the addition of the internet. The crossover effects can reach any market. By running the radio circuit, promoting, as well as the touring aspect can really catapult a project to the next level!

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