The Poetry of Hip Hop


Before Hip Hop, people often had no way to tell their story! These collection of stories needed to be told and grouped together in the most powerful and inspirational form on earth,

the spoken word! Poetry is a test of time in expression but it sometimes tells of a gritty, unwanted, and dark side of life. It has giving hope in an inspiring ways of overcoming obstacles. Poetry can make you feel love, hate, compassion, and empathy. The art of Hip Hop elevated from the deep struggle and long history of trying to overcome obstacles which allow poetry to manifest in the listener experience. The stories that were not often documented or heard begin to capture the heart of Hip Hop art. When the DJ’s gathered the crowds, they would loop the break beats and poetry would began to be recited over the melody. The passion of the words, the bass of the drum, the energy and the voices of the people could not be denied!

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