The Hip Hopper


I don’t know about others but I can remember when Hip Hop captured my attention than my heart! Videos were relatively a new concept in the early 80’s. Of course, Rock, Song Ballads, Funk, and R&B had core roots on the radio but by adding a visual to television really help cemented the listener experience.

Hip Hop however was sort of an unknown exclusive movement that you had to know someone who listens to streets style.
Often due to the limited accessibility in the beginning, kids would listen to a copy of Run DMC in the back room in Los Angeles knowing this style was something special. At school, you would see the B-boys hone the dance move “The Uprock” than go home to practice their own dance style. You would scratch your
Mom’s Rick James record and absolutely promising her that you would not destroy them so you can cut records like the DJ’s. Individuals can always get involved with the culture in some way! As a Hip Hopper, you felt apart of culture. A movement that you could add with just any instruments you had at home and everything else just felt like music. The connection between Art and Hip Hopper is the foundation on what the culture is built on and that connection was like no other form in the elements of music! In the beginning you had to know somebody who knew somebody to now Hip Hop is just a click away to watch your favorite Hip Hopper! The bond between Hip Hop and the Hip Hopper seem to grow year after year along with an incredible depth!

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