The Hip Hop Dialect!


The language of the culture is one that is always evolving because Hip Hop span globally through lyricism. It is well connected to the streets of the neighborhoods.

The language is adapted from house to house block to block speaker to speakers. So words used like fresh, dope, bread, fly, official, and word take on a double meaning when you’re speaking in a fellow circle of people. These Hip Hop dialect words added more to the street culture. This dialect was embraced and MC’S would talk about trying to cozy up with a shorty as a way to use an everyday expression like “Hey, I’m going to hang out with my lady”! They would maneuvering any way possible to get their bread up, doing what it takes to get money for the day to day needs. The uses of Hip Hop dialect between each other can set a vibe. Over 40 years, of added in and twisting word that can really truly be decoded to tell the story. This dialect help create greater details that could be crossover to every listener and be used with everyday language. This dialect of word and language were actually added to the dictionary and provide explanation of the Hip Hop for those who need the meaning. The Hip Hop dialect and culture helps combine and unify people through a shared connection that all started on a local movement!

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