The Grind!


The Grind
To become a known name in the culture is often going to take a bit of effort.
For every official graffiti artist’s mural, there were a lot of murals that probably were spray paint over.

For every juggle on the one’s and two’s, there were most likely some rough jumps between records before anybody else would listen. A breaker dancer couldn’t spin on his head until he learn how to balance. You can’t reach people with knowledge unless you learn something to teach. A talented Emcee can’t be heard unless he puts effort into the people to listen. The Indie record label can’t seem to record unless he gets more listeners back to the music. Many people give up simply because the work is too hard but those with dedication, drive, and commitment can bust through the barriers. Their talents and hard work ultimately leads them to being known for their grind. The definition of grind is to crush or break (something) into very small pieces by rubbing it against a rough surface or using a special machine. The task of being a legend in the culture of Hip Hop requires that you break down the bigger task and once you do, your grind is recognize by the people. Often times, the more an individual puts the work into the grind, the more the people start to recognize the movement. The bigger the Hip Hop movement grew, the longer the legacy. The grind and talents propel your efforts into the Rafters of Fame! we

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