The Death Attempt on Vinyl Records!


Hip Hop was founded on vinyl records. In the early era, it was essential for a DJ to have crates of vinyl records! The more crates you had the deeper the sound a DJ could create.

DJ’s would mix their break beats to find the perfect harmony to make a new sound, which became the backbone of the culture. The start of the digital age began and the reigns of compact disc were in production. The end of the vinyl era started to decline. With any decline in business, production decrease. Some people wanted to stop pressing vinyl records altogether, which would become a critical blow to the community. A movement would soon begin as DJ’s and Emcee’s would keep the request of vinyl alive. The artists would request their records with vinyl production and these die hard vinyl enthusiast would keep the demand active. Essentially the digital age did have DJ’s technology but some of the true DJ’s still spin with vinyl records.

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