The Culture of Hip Hop!


The most beautiful thing about the culture of Hip Hop is that it transcends race, religion, background, and still unites millions upon millions of followers. The definition of culture is “the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.”

This is the embodiment of the Hip Hop culture that has cemented the history and elements as a guideline. This society is built on art at the most intellectual peek! The art of DJ’ing will give you the ability to find the breakbeat and mix it over and over again for a new sound. The art of wordsmith building is known to be a vocabulary of details, to tell a story. The graffiti art concept is based on the principle of public display artwork on public property that is paid for by the public! The B-boys and B-girls continually push the boundaries of their dances. They have been captured in world events and everyone in the culture benefits from the long history of street styles! As with any culture knowledge is consider key. The rapid growth of Hip Hop and the timing of technology have made spreading the knowledge with other fellow Hip Hopper very easy. Although bad reputation has lingers over the culture for it aggressive demeanor, vivid dialogue and stories, Hip Hop has been told from an individual perspective. The knowledge told is based on the experiences they lived and the elements they chose to express. The fact is, the culture is open to you as long as you are open. The culture of Hip Hop is based on the art and knowledge as the core, and the culture could have an incredible positive impacts!

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