The Basketball Effect


There always been a love affair with Hip Hop and basketball. Basketball, the one sport that you can play 5 on 5, shoot some hoops around by yourself and is not too expensive.

Some would find solitude by grabbing a ball and shooting some hoops at the park. Many Hip Hoppers grew up playing the sport. Legendary basketball courts like Rucker Park would soon birth many future ball players. Like with music, neighborhoods were connected and the same Hip Hoppers that were listening to the Hip Hop sounds were also shooting hoops in the legendary Rucker Park tournaments. The NBA would bring in young Hip Hopper and the culture would follow as their exposure increased. Soon, the style would be wide spread throughout the league bringing Hip Hop to the forefront. Streetball would really embrace the Hip Hop movement as the 1 on 1 isolations move, dunk alley oops, and crossovers would dazzle the eyes as the DJ spins in the distance. They really embraced the Hip Hop culture with the videos mixtape, streetball gears, shoes line and street hustle to make their league a relevant contender. Basketball courts and Hip Hop will always hold a special place. Hip Hoppers and those who play the sport lived
the elements rules which have been passed down from the beginning of the culture existence!

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