Super Groups

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Sometimes the planets align, you also get a group of individuals that come together and form what I refer to as a super group. At the beginning of the culture,

we had groups like Funky 4 plus 1 more, Grand Master Flash, Furious 5, Sugar Hill Gang, and Cold Crush Brothers. Later, you would have NWA, De La Soul, Run DMC, Public Enemy, Eric B and Rakim. The collaborative efforts of each individual would come together to combine their talents and create historical music. Later, groups would continue to emerge. Groups like Wu Tang Clan, Outcast, Tribe called Quest would band together to show that with more talented emcees and incomparable rhythm skills. They had a winning formula and the drive to work together. Some of my favorite group that I would sit on the porch and listen too, help mold the foundation for the rap group. Boogie Down Productions, The Beastie Boys, The DJ group and The Executioners creating a new sound by combining DJs spins together! The ability to create one super star group with 1 super goal has away had it place. Super Groups have the unity to create project and gather the same vision as a unit. The classic music that super groups created would eventually go down in Hip Hop notorious!

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