Sucker MC’s!


This Hip Hop culture thrives with the best of the cream rising to the top. The MC’s have the most notoriety when it comes to all the elements of Hip Hop and an elite MC’s star will always shoot to the top. With anything, there also an opposite end to the spectrum, for Hip Hop that was a sucker MC.

This would be the artists that have very limited skill or any at all. Oftentimes, sucker MC’s are called out for being wacked. If you copied another artist style and you’re not even good at copying then you may be called out on a record for sucking at rhymes. If a person kept following the same routine then they could be called out by the whole culture for faking their sub-par skills but rhyming was not the only thing society can tag you on. Hip Hop would call you out if you embellish your background as being in the street when you never actually been or grew up in the street, or if you took another artist lyrics and use it as your own. Sucker MC’s are often times trying to get over for a fast buck in Hip Hop. Now, not saying that a bad thing but in the world of Hip Hop were it about originality, time, and effort the goal is to hone in on your skills so that you can rise to the top with the other cream; where you will eventually hangout with the best artists in the MC game. Shortcuts are frowned upon in this culture and no one has a problem letting you know if you suck as a MC for doing the culture wrong!

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