Precision Skills of the Producer


Production often is the key to any creative process and the Hip Hop producer is no different! In fact, sometimes the producer name on a single will generate much more interest based on the owner individual track record.

When you hear that DJ Premier produced gang Starr or Krs 1, you already knew the song itself was going to be over the top! Dr. Dre is another super producer that has the Midas touch when it comes to blending sounds and helped propel many artists such as NWA and Snoop Dogg. Wu-Tangs Rza would capture a unique sound that was unheard of and used a multitude of Emcees to express their talents on each of his tracks creating the Clan. Some of my favorite drum techniques would be Erik Sermon and his production credits include the like of Redman and Keith Murray. Great production of an album can catapult an album classic status. The sound and the wordsmith combined give listeners a full experience. You have to give credit to all the individuals that sit and listen for every snare, horn, and high hat but also have the ability to blend them on beautiful harmony. So Emcees can be inspired by what they hear and feel as the music moves him to speak!

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