With the business of Hip Hop at an all-time high also came the emergence of moguls! This hand full of intelligent people took the time to understand how to carve out an imprint.

This imprint would reached across many businesses, consumers and shape the trends to the culture itself! The Moguls of Hip Hop could own a club, clothing line, a successful music catalog, real estate, and rare metals. They often put their money back in to the empire and were always on the verge of building more. For every successful venture would add to the depth to their finances, reputation and their control influence. This building a wealth of experience, recognition and gave the culture of Hip Hop respectability!
These genuine business leaders had influence and power to push more and more into the eyes of more people. Along with a blueprint on how you can become a mogul yourself as inspiration for future moguls! The Moguls Russell Simmons, Sean Combs, Shawn Carter, Kris Parker, L.A. Reid, O’Shea Jackson and many others showed that education, drive, dedication and vision can send you to the next level. Developing companies and livable security may not have once been recognized until one or several individuals displayed business savvy! Not only in business but family and influence can only be obtained through respect, hard work and a smart individual. You have the ability to create the experience for yourself as a Hip Hopper!

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