Legends of the Culture!


In any arena their always an elite group of individuals that shine a bit brighter than the normal!

The artists who are legendary and are synonymous with consistency can always produce a higher quality piece of art! Legends of the Hip Hop culture come in all styles and are founded on many different aspects of art. Graffiti artists like Blade, and Phase 2, legendary DJ’s: Jay Master Jay, Kid Capri, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and DJ Premier are all great legends of the arts. Legendary wordsmiths seem to have the most exposure and often times Emcee’s bring the most shine.
Tupac, Notorious Big, Big L, KRS One, and Melle Mel are known in the world for their craft. Designers become legendary as they progressively change the look and gears of Hip Hop. Designers like Dapper Dans, Daymond John, and Karl Kani, directly create fashion style with the feel and vibe of Hip Hop in mind.

The legends of knowledge!
Sharing wisdom and helping the growth by push Hip Hop from generation to generations. Finding new legends, documenting the core elements and writing more pages to the ultimate Hip Hop legacy!

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