Kool Moe Dee vs Busy Bee: The Birth of the Lyricists!


There is always a change in guards and battle rap is no different! In early battle competition would consist of who rocked the crows the most, as Doo Wop faded and Emcee’s started to emerge.

The style still had a little of the flavor mixed from the early battle competition. Busy Bee was the reigning champ as far as the battle circuit, concern. As an early Emcee, he definitely had the crowds full of attention as he continually rock mic’s after mic’s, after mic’s! As the legends goes, this battle was to be like all the others. Busy Bee was making his round collecting victory after victory and figure tonight would be no different. He figure that the trophy was his already. A spectator from the crowd tells the infamous Busy Bee, Kool Moe Dee can beat you but it was shrugged off as just talk. After Busy Bee rocked the mic’s like any normal battle and had the crowd’s energy in full throttle. Busy Bee left the stage to celebrate his victory! Kool Moe Dee grabs his mic and proceeded to break down everything that Busy Bee has done in his set. Kool Moe Dee lyrically dismantled Busy Bee. The common rap battle is now something the Hip Hop culture has grown accustomed to. The delivery and personal lyrical attack was a complete game changer for the culture itself. The battle had moved from who can hype the crowd to who was the better Emcees lyricist. This enhanced many rap styles as the tapes were copied and distributed from all over the areas, regions and states creating an origin for lyrical emcees to come!

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