Hip Hop: A Dance Dancing Machine!

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Now the B-boys and B-girls crews are the most recognize dancers in the Hip Hop circle however this is not only for the particular crew’s.

Throughout the culture there always been the dances that all fellow Hip Hopper could share and if your dance caught on then the crazy would send waves from block to block. In the early days the Wop dance move would have the party rocking one way to the next while the Running Man move has two different versions for two different eras. The signature dance can even be a part of the rappers arsenal. Silentó “Watch Me” had the whole nation doing the Whip and Nae Nae. A Hip Hop dance is something that can be fun while making you feel comfortable and help people connect to each other.
Kid ‘n Play made you feel super comfortable by partnering up with an old time homie. A street dance like the C- walk that once was street element became a national dance move that everyone loves to do. The Harlem Shake had been around for years that really caught fire in 2014. Hip Hop dances has evolved from just crew’s battling for bragging rights but something that everyone can do for fun at the club. These dances moves have taken something that has street roots and has capture mainstream attention.

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