Going Independent vs. Signing Deal


An artist will most likely start their journey as an independent. They would begin by flood the local neighborhoods and blocks with their music so that they could acquire the recognition needed for the community to take notice. An independent artist would then book their own studio time and press their music by driving around to their local mom and pop shops to sell their creation.

This also required you to book your own shows and tours to let the public know about your project. In the long term, this push would often recycle back to your craft to help propel not only your career but your financial situation. Everything you achieve goes directly to this involvement.
The Major record
labels would then come knocking with a deal to help generate exposure and a marketing distribution for your brand. There were perks to being signed to a major record label. One perk was that they had connections because they were already plugged into the music business radio, television and etc. The second was they had marketing department, art departments and a full street team that can plug you into any city, coast and abroad. Oftentimes, an artist would get a budget, upfront money and signing bonus just to operate. Sign artists were invited to major parties and gathering function. These allow them to network with other industries types and even collaboration with other well knows label mates. Based on the artist contract, they might receive a portion or all of their writing. Plus the advance an artist makes is paid back through their initial album sales which give the artist a chance to sell more potential units. The independent artist has to really push and pay everything upfront but whatever you get back is yours to keep.

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