Ghost Writing


Songwriter have often used ghost writing for behind the scenes to create some great songs in the music industry. Hip Hop has always been one of self-expression however,

when the art moved to business, everything changed. The ghost writing format came to play as the music and business produce hit music that would appeal to many people. This style of ghost writing music would make money for all those involved. Hip Hop has always frowned on the theory of ghost’s writer’s because Emcee’s are always hailed for creating mind boggling lyrics that grasp the listener’s experience. In some case, if the culture found out that you did not write your own lyric there could be backlash. Even people would have a conversation about how the music came into existences. All in all, ghost writers are essential to the music because good music deserves to be heard. Ghost writers can become the next great lyricist just by getting the opportunity to work on projects and continuing to hone in on their skills!

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