Lyrically Aware -Not Blind Un-Mastered
Lyrically Aware -Not Blind Un-Mastered
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Lyrically Aware (LA) was born in the LBC on May 6th, 1986 and raised in the I.E where she lived most of her life. LA was inspired to write at a young age thanks to her mom who used to construct beautiful, deep, emotion filled poetry.

Music has always been Lyrically Aware’s best friend and writing was her way to free her mind. LA has been in a couple of groups but realized solo was the way to go so she could freely and more effectively express herself.

Later in life LA moved to Virginia where she began developing better lyricism thanks to her now wife. Once Lyrically Aware moved back to Cali she continued to mold her craft and work on putting out quality art. LA began working on her debut LP Not Blind (UnMastered) late 2015, which would highlight topics in which she was passionate about, love, her childhood and being Black in Amerkkkaa. This album delivers the Passion of the Lyricist.

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