Maldición De Las Barras
Maldición De Las Barras
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There comes a time, a pinnacle point, a singular moment in life when you have to go all in and lay it all on the line! There's no risk without any reward! After everything is created you sit down and release your art into the universe. You think it's out of your control, NOT! After a year of recording, the New Legends are back with a second full album release call the Maldición de Las Barras. We have the most well-crafted Kay-A-Tick album today, created with 17 songs and 1 interlude. The New Legends used traditional ideas of classic rap, golden era, while showcasing a few new styles and delivery! April 20, 2017 marks the official release from a party vibe to the world's most conscious lyrical wordplay.
Coming this summer, the release of Kay-A-Tick visual feature of the project with a crossbreed movie Under the Underground trailer and the music video “Die for This. This album is a collection of two MC’s starting to get very comfortable wielding their microphone sword with production from the New Legend duo themselves, as well as Production Profits, Oxygen Beat, a Jid Syed and Twain.

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