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  • The Poetry of Hip Hop

    Before Hip Hop, people often had no way to tell their story! These collection of stories needed to be told and grouped together in the most powerful and inspirational form on earth,

  • The Culture of Hip Hop!

    The most beautiful thing about the culture of Hip Hop is that it transcends race, religion, background, and still unites millions upon millions of followers. The definition of culture is "the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively."

  • Going Independent vs. Signing Deal

    An artist will most likely start their journey as an independent. They would begin by flood the local neighborhoods and blocks with their music so that they could acquire the recognition needed for the community to take notice. An independent artist would then book their own studio time and press their music by driving around to their local mom and pop shops to sell their creation.

  • Sucker MC's!

    This Hip Hop culture thrives with the best of the cream rising to the top. The MC’s have the most notoriety when it comes to all the elements of Hip Hop and an elite MC’s star will always shoot to the top. With anything, there also an opposite end to the spectrum, for Hip Hop that was a sucker MC.

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